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Our Little Story








         It started at the beginning of 2009 when we decided  to  tie the knot and begin our brand new journey. Suddenly Kiu comes into our lives a year later, our beloved little baby. This is the best thing ever happened to us and we  want to protect the innocence and carefree nature of our baby.


        eBabies provide the best organic products for your babies, our clothes are high-quality, fun and made to move with your child – wiggle, roll, crawl, toddle, run, climb. We’ve chosen stylish, classic designs that can be passed down from sibling to sibling and maybe even from generation to generation.


        Today we helped out by an amazing team of talented and passionate people. We have fun and get excited by keeping on top of each organic products that we brings to your babies, and like to know you are also enjoy shopping with us.


      Any thoughts? We love feedback. Drop us a line at