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Why Organic ?


What is the difference between organic cotton clothing and conventional cotton clothing?

As more and more people hear about our business, we are often asked if organic cotton is really better than conventional cotton. People want to know what the advantages of organic cotton clothing are, and we are always happy to help educate consumers by detailing here some of the main advantages of buying organic cotton clothing:




Top 10 reasons to buy Organic Cotton Clothing and Toys for your Baby

1. About 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of the pesticides are used in conventional cotton. Organic cotton instead has low environmental impact by replenishing and maintaining soil fertility, reducing the use of toxic agents, and building biologically diverse agriculture. For more facts and details on this, visit the  Organic Trade Association

2. Certified Organic Cotton uses only low-impact dyes, which contain no heavy metals and use less water in the dyeing process

3. Chemicals used in Conventional Cotton Crops contaminate groundwater systems. Growing Organic Cotton eliminates this type of contamination, therefore protecting and improving the quality of our water.

4. Organic Cotton field workers are NOT exposed to toxic chemicals that endanger their health.

5. Organic Cotton Clothing is often associated with FAIR LABOR practices. Best Baby Organics only works with providers who practice FAIR TRADE or FAIR LABOR principles. This ensures that all workers are paid a fair wage for their labor. No sweatshop clothing for our babies!

6. Clothing made from Organic Cotton is softer and free of Formaldehyde, which is a chemical commonly used in the garment manufacturing industry.

7.Babies are more vulnerable to toxic agents that come in contact with their skin and respiratory system. Therefore Organic Cotton Clothing is gentler on the skin and healthier for baby.

8. No more worrying when babies play with organic cotton toys or chew on organic cotton teethers. They are not toxic!

9. Supporting the Organic Cotton Industry helps to protect our children's future by reducing the levels of pollution in our planet.

10. The peace of mind and good feeling of knowing that your baby is getting the best of the best and knowing that you are making the right choices to protect our environment.