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Washing Tips


Five Eco-Friendly Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Fabrics and Clothing

1.   Consider washing your organic fabrics by hand. If hand washing is not possible, practice organic clothing care by washing your fabrics on the gentle cycle using eco-laundry detergent or hypoallergenic eco-laundry disks, which soften the water, and are more economical because they are reusable, lasting for up to one hundred loads of laundry.

2.   Use only organic or eco-friendly cleaners, soaps and detergents. Ask your local health food store for recommendations. The best tip for selecting organic detergents is to seek out products without phosphates, dyes or fragrances.  

3.   Forgo those fabric softeners and perfumed detergents that contain chemicals and pollutants. Instead, add natural lavender water, rose water or lemon juice to the water in the washing machine, or the tub where you hand wash your clothes. Lemon juice can also act as a natural bleach and stain remover/stain lightener, for white clothes. Natural laundry products are gentler for both organic baby items and for your baby's skin.

4.   Dryer sheets also contain chemicals and pollutants. Save money on dryer sheets and instead toss a ball of aluminum foil into your dryer to help reduce static cling. 

5.   Often, organic cotton, which contains only 100% pure cotton, is more likely to shrink on hot settings in the dryer. To avoid this problem, be sure to hang dry your organic cotton clothing. This will also save you energy costs associated with running your dryer. When possible, hang dry your organic fabrics outdoors on a laundry line. There is nothing quite like that clean aroma of fresh air. 

When it comes to organic clothing care, it pays to recognize the products and practices that will make for a brighter and more beautiful future.